Custom Development

We offer a full array of custom development services for your Software. We are ready to handle all of your custom development needs. Some of our most popular development tasks include integrating new features on client demand and third party modules including payment systems.

In addition, we also provide custom designs and templates. We are ready to assist you with any custom design work you may need.

How does it work?

All work on custom development projects follows these steps:

  1. You buy a Software license on our site and get access to our Client Panel
  2. Once in the Client Panel, you can place a request for custom development work by opening a support ticket with the details of your project.
  3. You will then be contacted with a quote for your request. You will need to specify the modifications needed in great detail, agree on a final cost and get a time line for the work to be completed.
  4. You will then be issueed an invoice.
  5. When the project is paid for, we add it to our project record system, and we start working on it.
  6. During the work on the project we will give you a link to our test server where you are able to view the progress of our work.
  7. All communications will be made via our support ticket system during the course of the project. If there is a need to initiate a live chat, we will provide you with a link for this.
  8. As soon as the project is finished and you give your approval, we upload the custom changes and updates to your server.

How much does it cost?

Each project will be priced individually depending on the complexity of the work to be done. You can get a quote for your project by sending us a request from our client panel.