Technical Support

Our team will help you set the initial configuration of the website, remove any possible problems and assist you in understanding the functionality of any feature you do not understand.

Each first commercial license is bundled with a 30 calendar days of free technical support in your account. Additional Support can be purchased after first 30 days and is priced individually based on the client requirement. You can request additional support by submitting a support ticket to the technical department

Technical support service includes

  • Consultations on Software functionality
  • Assistance in configuring your Software
  • Resolving issues occurring during the software operation or issues that arise with functionality if they are not the result of your code changes
  • Performing minor and technically simple modifications of Software, which do not require complex actions
Technical support does not include the addition of new functions or changes to the standard functionality. In this case you can use our custom development service.

Error correction

We guarantee to correct all security bugs found in the original source code absolutely for free.

Please note that this rule does not apply to errors arising from standard code modifications made by you or any third party. 2gosoft does not guarantee error recovery if there is no technical capability to correct it in this particular case (incompatible server settings, impossible remote access to server, etc.).

Additional assistance

We have also created Community forums for the 2gosoft users, where other software owners can communicate, helping each other in questions of Software operation.

Registration on the forum is available only for registered 2gosoft users. Unregistered users can view any forum but cannot post messages to the forum.